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救护车 & EMS 澳门金沙官方APP

McKenzie has provided the community with Emergency Medical 澳门金沙官方APP (EMS) for over 30 years. Sanilac EMS provides advanced life support services to a large portion of Sanilac County.

The EMS Service Team

The service team includes multiple ambulances, specialized equipment, paramedics, and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT). Our paramedics and EMTs work together to bring you immediate, top-quality, coordinated emergency care.

Our personnel have distinct capabilities. Our paramedics are trained in advanced life support and qualified, under the direction of a provider, to perform certain skilled procedures that are usually performed only in a hospital’s emergency department. Sanilac EMTs are trained in basic life support and qualified to perform procedures such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), administration of oxygen, splinting of fractured limbs, and removal of victims from motor vehicle accidents.

With EMS staff stationed throughout the county, we provide quality care from the moment we are called until we hand you off to the next qualified health care provider.

Total Team Care

McKenzie Emergency Care Department providers and Sanilac EMS Staff work as a team from the moment EMS contacts the emergency department from the ambulance until the patient is treated at the hospital. McKenzie’s skilled Emergency providers provide medical control and oversight of patient care both in the ambulance and as care continues in the McKenzie Emergency Department.

Community Integrated Paramedicine

Supporting the health of the community, McKenzie Health System (MHS) is proud to now offer a program for Community Integrated Paramedicine (CIP). Some patients need additional support services and/or lack access to primary care for various reasons, including the inability to easily travel, which can result in not seeking needed care or repeated use of 9-1-1 and emergency medical services (EMS) to receive healthcare in non-emergency situations. The Community Integrated Paramedicine (CIP) Program closes the gap by expanding the role of EMS personnel to increase access to care.